Dreaming Of Existence Poem by DeWinGeD AnGelicBeinG

Dreaming Of Existence

Go ahead...I'm already long past dead
Going down this lives eternal slide
My ass taken for the scraping the only found sled
Hoping each an every single minute....I die
I've tried but I survived suicide
Took a ride towards hell's furnace
Burned alongside the light the spark that helped ignite
The love that for so very long you have driven to hold in a fight
Even when you're at wrong in so many ways In mental ways I was right
I'd lose you everything that accounts for your presence
An I entered this path that even at mind knew I'd someday once lose
It's eating me alive like maggots fiesting on your hide
You lived blind Death can also be when he wears sunglasses
It can kill millions the voice of a future's uprising leader
But better things bittersweet dreams it seems
Corrosive notions under the foot! ! !
Becoming the thoughts of the long forgotten
Buried tombs keyed an locked the past it always rots

Instinct tells me to give into my vile barbaric needs
Feed yourself to the fire
Add to the fuel of this suicidal empire
Learn to surpass the starved
Acquire the skill to eat through the wire
Conspire to breathe air into this flat tire
You were fired just as fast as you were hired

Bursting from my veins in a pulsating rage
Rabid mouth covered in pasty white foam
Hands furious gripping the bars of its animistic shelter of a cage
Wishful thinking for the impure
They try so hard to purify there tainted minds
When the growth of darkness overrides
The rush of addicting waves & tides
When ALL hell breaks loose an the sun an world collide
I daydream of the untouched
Maybe to once come to life an no longer be cotton stuffed

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