Dreams And Reality Poem by Rahman Henry

Dreams And Reality

You, the drowsy memory of mine,
Are floating in icy water of a lake
Afar from my bed and all the warmth I've
For the whole night of this winter.

Until I awake in my loneliness
Am licking the smell of your presence
Smeared with my lips, then
I can see: your presence and absence
Wrestle unending in the nothingness.

Thus, my dreams and reality
Transforms into an un finished poem
Composing themselves with hesitated vocabulary.

Friday, October 24, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Love
Dimitrios Galanis 10 January 2016

That is poesy, to bring to light the anbiguity of the existense in a balance uncertain as all the problems are which the human being face.

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Daniel Brick 31 August 2015

YOUR PRESENCE AND YOUR ABSENCE WRESTLE IN AN UNENDING NOTHINGNESS This is a startling vision, not of any world we could call real, but perhaps a mental world made up of fragments, bits and pieces of something once whole but now scattered irretrievably. It may be what's left of a past life now gone for good except for haunted night-dreams like this one. Or it could the projection of a future desire that is still inchoate, unformed, inn the process of being created. In any case, your speaker seems willing to confront these horrors in hope that something good may appear out of the violence he witnesses.

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Rahman Henry

Rahman Henry

Natore, Bangladesh.
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