Travelling Experience Poem by Rahman Henry

Travelling Experience

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I have a little experience of travelling the world.
I even don’t know how to jump
And never stood before a waterfall for real
But nowadays in my sleep
I’ve weird dreams, none of them happens
in the soil of my land

The night before last
I was drowning in the Victoria Fall in my dream
Did you think I was trying hard and fast to float?
I didn’t-how could I benefit?

I had my confidence in the laws of physics
when it comes to floating
how it works for matter and liquid
I knew I was drowning
I even didn’t throw my hands and feet
I was stoic
I was breathing the water in the fall
in my sleep
in the dream-
I was drowning.

I was trying but my memory didn’t help
the ‘kolemah’ I knew by heart
didn’t come to me

But I remember
I uttered your name three times
before I drowned.

* Translated from original (Bengali) to English by RAZIA SULTANA

Monday, August 24, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life
* Translated from original (Bengali) to English by RAZIA SULTANA
Daniel Brick 06 September 2015

You describe yourself as stoic in the dream. As I read it I was terrified. And my terror was not of the horror movie variety. No! It was the quiet terror of witnessing your own death in a dream and not knowing if the dream is a random fear, a passing prophecy, an air bubble. I experienced a sustained moment of existential anxiety due to your powerful imagery. Even now the anxiety has passed but not the awareness it gave me.

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Rahman Henry 06 September 2015

You have made an important comment about this simple poem which will help me a lot, dear poet. Love and wishes.

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Bharati Nayak 06 September 2015

The poem seems to talk about some ovrwhelming feelings that takes over the poet.He does not try to come out of it, rather surrenders as he says- - I was breathing the water in the fall In my sleep In my dream I was drowning. At that moment nothing he learnt previously was helping.Perhaps he was calling his savior or some one very dear before drowning..A lovely poem with a bit of mystery makes an interesting read.

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Rahman Henry 06 September 2015

ThankS a lot, dear poet! Really its an inspiring comment for me. And, they way of your analysis makes me astonished, how perfectly you can go to the deeper end! wisheS.

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Hazel Durham 06 September 2015

Wow! A superb write so compelling with the curiousty of what your dream means with a great ending!

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Edward Kofi Louis 17 May 2017

In my sleep! Thanks for sharing.

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Shahin Latif 09 December 2015

Excellent translate. Heartiest thanks Razia Sultana.

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Razia Pell 15 November 2015

Thanks for all the comments. Rahman Henry is the maker and I, Razia Pell (Razia Sultana) am the translator of the poem. Our combined efforts came as a success. Nice to know!

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Wild Horse 06 November 2015

Very good traslation by Razia Sultana.....

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Wild Horse 06 November 2015

I got the taste even in English language.

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Rahman Henry

Rahman Henry

Natore, Bangladesh.
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