Dreams Coloured In Gold Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Dreams Coloured In Gold

Thunders in a storm, the lively waves with sun gleams reflecting a ship's course in ancient golden incessant forms.
Collapsing where the volcano splits,
Journeying in the solace of our Venus breathes.
Gold you remind me of the sun,
I know the address where you were formed,
Being lone in the heat of heart
You lived and lived,
And once beheld by the Alchemist's hand before the frosty dream.
You wept in the lines of his palm,
The lines align and fate ventures in.
Destiny, warmed you by adoring the hue you bore,
Do not lament the journey which is still untold.
You lost the heat and made a friend,
You came this far to meet the sky in heaven's sand.

Moon, shall you be mine guide?
Moon, let's just carry our golden epistles before day passes on rays of twilight.

How afar have you been, my moon,
And how selflessly have you loved the rainbow in skies of flowery bloom!
Verdant fields and everlasting sunshine,
After melting snowflakes that blew to the Abyss's airy delight,
Embraced by mists and honeybees reposing in winter's dream.
Did we not rise, when the sun smiled and stars glowed?
How often did we stared and admired the lessons narrated by the old.

Dream, you have been mine;
Faithful acquaintance I read in peaceful spring's rhyme.
I had a wish to see the bunch of sunflowers,
Nay, not the new ones that breathed, but the ones you kept, as preserving to welcome our uniting death.

Dust, what it is to be formless is known well by you.
Dust, shall you not enlighten the wildflowers which were longing for to be your's and your's only one and true?

Wind, you blow and bring the world to me in my arms,
Wind, I know the streams that fell for words to adore the beauty found in woods living in calm.
Inlets were destined to reach your shore,
Where clouds pleaded the sun for delaying the eclipse not to roar.
The lights in the darkest hour
Dances by my fireflies union ring, without asking, without ringing bells,
Together in the sky they dream.

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