Since The Day I Saw Her Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Since The Day I Saw Her

Perhaps, it is hard to hold on, but how could I just let go?
I've been well acquainted, as when you look at me, you are stuck, without a blink of an eye, without any doubts in my mind, constant in your every word.
The feelings I go through, when it is only about you, I thus, feel
Maybe, she feels, or might not ! Both are accepted, without regrets.
As I've been taught to wish the best for people, even if I'm not the one for them.
I love you smiling,
When I notice your eyes,
Perhaps, you neglect,
At the same time, it makes me sad, and mad.
I know, I've nothing to offer, expect my devoted heart, and best wishes.
Desiring you to feel, and having pictures of us, living happily ever after.
I know, it makes me a selfish being, thinking only about my desires, whereas, I'm unaware of your thoughts.
Dear love,
I hope to see you happy in your own prime,
But my anticipation, seeking for your hand, and heart, won't ever be faded, like the sands on a seashore side, where I leave my footprints.
Therefore, I glance on the deep blue sea, your favourite colour, out of the blue. We're under the same blue sky, the destination might differ, but not my conscience.
I might not be the one for you, but just like the mountains, standing firm, enduring through showers, and white snows, without breaking, is my promise.
But you are for me, the only one,
Whom I don't chase, rather wish to understand, and I know you wish the best for me,
But, sometimes, some best wishes do hurt, where confusion arises, only in my mind.
I have dreams too,
Where I encounter you,
Maybe, the almighty too knows,
My thoughts won't reach you,
It is not an infatuation so, don't get me wrong,
It is about a lifetime, where acceptance plays its part, and I love through my heart.

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