Fought And Fallen Thoughts Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Fought And Fallen Thoughts

Empty spaces, made me wonder a bit,
Then I saw the fluorescent hint.
Smelt the wet ground, and was driven in the past.
Ground, where I laid at ease,
Just to find my peace.
The world is a battlefield was known, with so many faces unknown.
Though, Books were read, and songs were skipped for a while too,
Made me think about the milieu.
The muses were great,
Faces were new,
But was striken by the doom.
Escape was watching from the far,
Reality was fighting in the war.
Good ones were shedding bloods, criticisms were taken up by swords.
The air was blowing up too fast, still struggling through was the cast.
Silver plates were spears, a mass fighting commenced,
And wished Adieu.
Victory was the goal, defeat was taken as a foul.
Ladies were waiting for their lords to return,
A child was found in their hearts.
The door was near, heaven or hell,
Nobody knew.
A hero knocked,
God's grace evolved,
but melancholy was there,
To be found.
The fight ended, so did life, but the sky was shining, with its light.
Little hearts were beating like drums, and a crowd was moving, with its risen crown.
Triumphants, were now to be heard.
Unpredictable future laid before,
Sins were committed,
Graves were prepared.
At last, everybody left, except the wreath.

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