Dreams Breathing In Winds Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Dreams Breathing In Winds

Down across the lane,
The citylights are glowing by heaven's loving beams
I hear the train coming, dear, by its enlightened iron wheels.
Shall we board the train and travel miles to the stars?
Wish I could tell you, that I saw you smiling and we were not too far.
I see the boughs embracing their crystal touching leaves,
The dawn is bound to welcome
If he sees you in his dreams.

The countryside is near the shore
Where the port is praying for sailors to return,
And I see, the sky is groomed in hues of blissful gentle lanterns.

The cottage away from city lanes
Loved the mountains, as always forever again.
Dancing by raising a toe and springing around the whole valley
She bowed, when she met the woods
And took his hand with care, as said by her only fairy.
I saw them dancing till moonlit,
And I thought about you so true;
Wish I could have my one, only if she ever knew.

Writing songs about the melodies of January,
Flowers in my garden are thanking mud pots for holding them so dearly.
Even when the world was celebrating so loud
They kept them safe in the shadows of clouds
By blessings of the divine glory.

I see the fireflies flying towards you with golden wings,
And I hear stories of the old town in breaths of winter's winds
Will you take a step further to the woods I see?
Will you believe the sight, I feel?
I dream about the woods full of emerald hues,
And mountains living in cheerful clouds.

Verdant grasses of my country desires to be there,
Shall we travel, till the further edge of the country?
Crossing the shores, as I say?
Dianthus in my garden is sleeping still
Waiting for June and talking to fireflies
About the sun she knew in her only dreams.

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