Christmas Eve Of My Universe Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Christmas Eve Of My Universe

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Flowers all over the blue sky
Blooming in the fields of misty clouds
Painted by the hues of all you's and eyes full of stars.

The season of pristine golden leaves have arrived,
Smells of cocoas and snows of winter stood united to welcome the day of our holy Christ.

On the day of Christmas Eve, would you walk with me, if I tell you that is what my old heart strives?
Would you accept the break of dawn as my art?
Would you say, yes, if I ask for some more minutes, just to breathe with you along?

Flying away at the edge of smiling rainbows;
Playing flutes in winter mornings, since lifetimes before your heart seemed cold.

Destiny wrapped us in rays of shining eyes,
Even though not being caught by these words of mine.

This lady of mine:
Is not up for sweet words.
But who shall tell her:
Her eyes, the honeyed rising above the sun bathing tides above the whole world?

Trees rising their boughs to offer their bouquets of  fresh fruits
The sun stays and my beloved flowers are singing in chorus near the snow capped mountains by looking at her.

The leaves fall all over the blossoming paradise,
Just after recalling smiling memories of her by my side.

Does she thinks of me, when she treats herself a chocolate?
Does she remembers: the secrets and  lies which helped me to slide to see her smiling eyes,
Conquering my heart without knowing the ways?

The gold was heated
The diamonds were, too.

Why didn't anyone ask the flames to sweeten up, as the ripened strawberries were struggling through?

Why did the oil in the lantern spend his life?
Why were you holding the empty box, when the gift was waiting beside your side?

The Christmas is loved always;
The church bells and candles are cradled by praises.

You were near the window watching the stars
Lighting your galaxy counting on you as their beating heart.

And I saw you there,
A countenance so clear and true.
How could they leave?
When you were all their's standing tall, above the whole fair making them shine through.

I walk down the lane and saw flowers of paradise
Evenings were regarded as phases before nights
But you were mornings of sunlight
Shining gold,
And evenings full of winds
Crossing bridges and tunnels
Destined to shine with stars, when sleepless nights felt cold.

Jayne Louise Davies 24 December 2022

Just beautiful x Thanks for sharing.

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Soumili Karmakar 25 December 2022

Most welcome, and Merry Christmas.🌸

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