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Poem by Angela Wybrow

I used to work in a large general store.
My eyes were certainly opened by what I saw.
The way some people behave is so frustrating.
Their lack of care is the thing that I'm really hating.

Empty packages were left on the shelf:
Their contents stolen using a lot of stealth.
You wouldn't believe the things which people steal.
I used to find rotten apple cores and pieces of peel.

Half eaten pasties, still warm from a shop.
Half drunk plastic bottles of fizzy cola pop.
Still in their cartons, discarded burgers and chips
And cups of coffee abandoned after only a few sips.

Sticky sweets which stuck to your shoe:
Sucked, then spat out, as children do.
Soggy, half eaten biscuits which children had chewed,
Always in areas where there shouldn't even be food.

Chilled products were often left out in the heat.
Sandwiches, yoghurts, pies, cheese and meat.
Banana skins on the floor, may seem like a joke,
But you'd soon disagree, if it was your leg you broke.

Just general things dumped, not in their rightful place,
As the short walk back was obviously too much to face!
Glass vases on the floor, smashed to tiny smithereens,
Were not the only things damaged or broken by any means.

Paint and varnish were often knocked on the floor,
But without a word, the culprit would head for the door.
I wondered if people behaved like this in their homes.
If I left stuff dumped in their house, they'd soon moan!

Many of us weren't brought up this way,
But it's a sad reflection of society today.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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