Dust Mite Science Poem by Derek R. Audette

Dust Mite Science

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In the year 2006
there is a strange phenomena which has occurred
and humans
are not yet aware
that this phenomena has taken place;
is taking place

It seems as though some
entirely unique
and as of yet undiscovered
characteristics of the electrical impulses
running through certain
home computer systems
has interacted with the microscopic brains
of certain types of dust mites
living inside of these computer systems

The dust mites
over the course of several generations
spanning several years
have actually become self-aware
and highly intelligent

almost as intelligent as humans

I say 'almost'
only because of a strange
intellectual phenomena that is currently
taking place among the dust mite population

It seems as though some of the dust mites,
due to their observations of what they consider to be
an unlikely
amount of what seems to be
highly specified order
extant within their surroundings
have begun to
that maybe

just maybe

there might be a chance that the computer
inside of which they are living -
sealed inside -
can't get out of -
may have been designed
by some other
intelligent entity

Of course,
the academic elite within the dust mite population
only laugh at this notion
they laugh
at the quaintness of the other dust mite's
silly, silly notions
because, of course,
they know
they know
that there is an entirely naturalistic explanation
for how the computer came to be

they make fun of the ignorant dust mites
who hold to the possibilities of such fairy tales
because dust mite science tells them
that the idea that a designer may have actually designed
the computer
is not a testable hypotheses

them dust mites
is smart

©MMVI Derek R. Audette

glen still 07 November 2006

Damn Right Impressive...Stylistic and Just Great! Who needs philosophers now?

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