A Distressful Day Finds Me Poem by Gert Strydom

A Distressful Day Finds Me

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a Distressful day finds me
and at work
the air conditioner is on
and I am catching flue
from a colleague.

At a robot a oversized trailer
hits me against the leg,
while the truck thug
turns with purpose wider than his lane
and drives away into intractability.

At the front gate
the motorbike’s gear leaver
comes loose
and I can find no gear.

Kyla belches and I hear
that my darling is away with her
to make a end
to her life.

When the car stops at the back door.
I know that God
answers prayers
and see that our big old black dog
is still alive,
as no vet
could find a vain on her
and her tail swings to and thro
when she sees me
and in a day or two
she’s well again.

Anil Kumar Panda 01 February 2018

Turbulence of everyday life. Enjoyed. Thanks for sharing and congrats.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 01 February 2018

I have enjoyed very much this blank verse. A true distressful day! A hectic one, especially when the leading person has got flu already! A mess of things occurred of course and the situation is far from lucidity Congratulations on being chosen as the Member Poem of the Day! A myriad countings for your Vote.

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Siddartha Montik 01 February 2018

Good narration of Daily life hitches of our time.... Plain and simple! ! Congratulations for this being the poem of the Day! !

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Siddartha Montik 01 February 2018

Good narration of Daily life hitches of our time.... Plain and simple! !

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Tom Allport 01 February 2018

a poem of the daily highs and lows finishing best with a very happy wagging tale? .............nice one Gert

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 01 February 2018

congratulation Gert! ultimately all ends well..

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Lyn Paul 01 February 2018

An eventful, stressful day for sure but a good outcome. You can now survive anything.

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James Mclain 01 February 2018

Gert, congratulations on your poem of the day.. James McLain

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Denis Mair 01 February 2018

Thank heavens you found your way thru such a day to put. some thoughts to paper. Something better may happen tomorrow.

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Edward Kofi Louis 01 February 2018

At work! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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