My English Teacher Poem by Shipra singh (ships)

My English Teacher

Rating: 4.8

He came from Kerala,
A state of king and Cinderella.
A place of bound,
Where more coconut are found.

His name is Sir Britto,
Which is humble planet like Pluto.
He always say to learn first fiction,
To learn the success of affection.
They prepare our tense
That we get atleast common sense.

By mistake if we feel shame,
They teach about name and fame.
He tells always open your eyes,
But never tell a lie.

He like to play basketball,
So, he is so much tall.
He always says 'keep silent '
He have such a talent,
Time and tide wait for none,
Sir, I will say my work is done.

My English Teacher
Daniel Brick 08 June 2017

Your picture of your teacher shows a sincere and qualified teacher whom s dedicated to his students' success. But you also show yourself as a committed student eager to learn and appreciative of education. I was an English teacher for many years, and a student like you was always a very bright experience (because many of my students hated to read and discuss literature) . I applaud your devotion to learning.

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Jazib Kamalvi 04 June 2017

A good start with a nice description of spiritual father. Thanks

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Dr Antony Theodore 07 June 2017

He always says 'keep silent ' He have such a talent, Time and tide wait for none, very fine thinking about ur english teacher from Kerala... you praise him. when you become once a teacher the students will praise you also if you work hard and teach with committment. thank you. tony

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Siddartha Montik 07 June 2017

Excell(ll) ent Poem! ! Shirpa Singh! Respect and learn as teacher says and more so too as Nature Says! ! Best of the best wishes for you! ! Siddartha Montik!

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Preete singh 14 July 2018

You know about your teacher very deply....

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Shipra singh 04 October 2019

Thanks to every great thinkers.....

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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 22 June 2019

Beautiful nice.Thanks for sharing your poetic thoughts.10+++++++++++

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Pijush Biswas 04 November 2018

Very good authentic poem with rhymes, good effort, you can be a good poet. Like it.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 13 August 2018

Wow Ships, you have rendered a very beautiful tribute to such a great inspiring teacher of yours, in such a creative manner.Your baby steps in this wonderland of poetry appears so much promising. Thanks dear for the sharing. 10++ for the poem.

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Ramesh M 18 July 2018

So nyc lines And u r really a very good writer That's truth and so so nyc lines

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