Earth And Environment Poem by umaprosad das

Earth And Environment

Loving Earth, Lively Earth,
Mother Earth gives us birth;
Nurtures all living beings,
Green trees, green plants,
Air, water, soil and sun
Provide us with food and drinks.

Every thing, lives need,
She arranges in a splendid
Process and manner through the Nature’s care;
Oxy-nitro’s balance in air;
Carbon dioxide’s presence there,
Takes care of every plant, every creature, here.

Water, vapor, cloud and rain,
Cyclically take rotation,
And showers down back to earth as Nature’s blessing,
With the help of wind and the sun
Facilitate to change in season,
The Summer, the Winter, and the Spring.

Human being, the best creation,
Is blessed with intelligence,
For justifying a good or a bad thing.
For doing the right or the wrong,
For bringing good to every one,
Every species, animals and plant kingdom.

But even being intelligent,
People harm to environment
At a stretch, at roguery and at random;
Fell down trees and plants;
Pollute air, water and land;
For self-prosperity and self-satisfaction.

Stop pollution and evil deeds;
Stop deforestation by felling trees,
Stop such profit for self-benefit and comfort,
Stop to: plastics, polythene;
Stop using non-biodegradable things -
Toxins like insecticides, pesticides a lot.

Stop to: chemical warfare,
Put a ban to Nuclear war,
For ever and in a complete way.
Grow plants, grow trees,
Grow flowers, grow seeds,
And let Mother be pleased and gay.

And we will be happy, healthy and safe, in fact to say.

Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 13 August 2014

A very beautiful and socially relevant poem for the time and nice to read.

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