You Are My Heartbeat Poem by umaprosad das

You Are My Heartbeat

Rating: 4.8

You are the beat of my Heart, who has never been apart
From me in my grief and despair
Whenever I am sick, you are sympathetic
To sooth my pain with love and care
Treat me with medicine, diet and nursing
Everything, I want and need
Make me feel good, all in smiling mood
Along with domestic chores and outhouse deed
After bath, early in the morning, you worship and sing a hymn
In front of your Idol Goddess Laxmi
Blow aloud conch thrice, Hindu rituals symbolize
Welfare for all, peace and harmony
Being a pious Hindu Lady, you are ever ready
To perform all rituals and meditation
To please your Deity and soften, you keep fasting often
In favour of your daughter-in-law and son
You are the worthy mother, made me a proud father
Of our only son, full of humanities
Being far away abroad, they never ignore to afford
Providing us love, support and amenities
You have respect and faith, over me in depth
Love me, encourage me in all my activities, I do or go
You never complain, nor ever give any blame
On anything taking as inferior or low
You share laughter and tear, with sympathy and care
Of our known unknown neighbours
You are generous to help, with your time and wealth
To the needy in their odd hours
You are my heartbeat, take part in every need
In all activities, thought and belief
I'm blessed and fortunate, God has made you my life-mate
In the harsh heat called ‘life', a cool mist of relief.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: heart love
umaprosad das 19 June 2021

Respected dear Ma'm, Many times I tried to give my response to your sweet review. But perhaps due to some technical problems, it could not be passed. I'm extremely grateful for your sweet comments It's my inspiration

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Indira Renganathan 10 March 2021

What an adorable poem from an adorable husband on his loving lovely humble salutations t

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Rajnish Manga 09 June 2020

love and care.... You are the beat of my Heart Make me feel good.... my life-mate.... a cool mist of relief.... //.... Righteousness and virtues of a god-fearing and duty-conscious lady being recalled in gratitude by a loving husband. Thanks for sharing.

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Rajnish Manga 23 June 2020

I'm really sorry to learn about your illness. While I thank you for your kind words in reply o my comments, I wish and pray for your early recovery. The world needs good people more than ever before.

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Umaprosad Das 22 June 2020

Dear Rajnish, Thank you very much for reading my poetry and liking it. It provides me a lot of inspiration. I could not reply you in time as I have been suffering from some neuro problems. Sorry for this.

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Umaprosad Das 22 June 2020

Thank you Dear Rajnish for reading my poetry and liking it. It provides me a lot of inspiration. Thank you once again and with best wishes. I, m now suffering from some nuroproblems. So I could not reply in time. Sorry for that.

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