Earth: Secondary Hell? Poem by John Delle Panlaqui

Earth: Secondary Hell?

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Earth: Are you the secondary Hell?

One of the most extraordinary mythical creatures of God. A beauteously celestial object in the universe, a peculiar, illustrious, and glorious planet among the other heavenly bodies.

Origins of life and human existence.
Her night gives luminary when darkness comes like precious metal and a brilliant crown.

Her stars are resplendent in a person's eye, similar to the lady's clothes with different shining jewelry.

Her moon enlightens the caliginous side of the earth when animals and another species slumber with their family.

When darkness fades out, the sun will gradually ascend in the sky. Aurora wipe-out the dark night and continually diffused night in the realm of the high.

Kingdom Plantae will start to rise, and together with the cold and breezing wind, they grow until the sun rises.

All biomes begin to generate and produce human sources of energy from heaven full of ave and light clouds up to the blue crystals ocean where you can see diverse species.

The school (of fish) is swimming and playing, octopuses shake hands, corral reefs and seaweeds dance by following the relaxing waves sound, and other oceanids mating, reproduce, and exploring.

In the forest, you can see a gargantuan flora family akin to a rainbow made of flowers and colossal waterfalls that yield coolness where sounds make us calm, tranquil, and stress-free.

Water is chaste from dirt, immaculate, and pristine it connotes a pure diamond when this liquid is crystallized.

We can also see a substantial sacred rock and stone, a gigantesque verdant biome with flying multicolored butterflies, insects, and birds.

This place is mountainous, and this landform covered by blue and silver clouds is comparable to groundbreaking art.

All leaves and vines are ready to photosynthesize and produce energy and life.

It is a paradise, a heaven, and a utopia for a man.
But all of this has changed because of man's covetousness and greediness.

(To be continued...)

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