Erythros: The First Color Of The Rainbow Poem by John Delle Panlaqui

Erythros: The First Color Of The Rainbow

Erythros: The First Color of the Rainbow
By; John Delle D Panlaqui

Erythros was the Lord of Mangard - a place somewhere in the west of the world way back before. He was a turbulent, a ferocious land Lord to his people, Insensitive to his inhabitant's feeling and sentiments, pitiless leader among his dominion. He was also the ruler of all dynasties. No one breaks his rule, command and order. Everyone was also afraid of him. In short, he was cruel and heartless lord of Mangard. A magnate because he had controlled the business over the merchant, an opulent, influential and tycoon king. He killed his own family to own all the properties of his descendants. Greediness made him powerful. In fact, all of the people in the kingdom had encountered scarcity, dearth, beggary, destitute, pauperism and all because of him. Children have been dying because of famine, women were discriminated and ravished to the dogface of the lord, life was unvalued, there was much destruction and all was in chaos. Mangard was terrorized and people were terrified. Until one day, the people had organized themselves and revolted against him. Attempt was made and had failed. Blood wash down the entire kingdom. Bloodbath, massacre and carnage were experienced by the citizen. After a long period of silence, Second assay was also untriump, third and fourth was unvictorious the cycle of destruction and violation had happened. Until one day, unknown man comes and agitated the immune and dejected people. All of them joined their hands together, united, unionized themselves and had fought for each other, for their siblings, and future generation goodness sake. Through their desire to become free and sovereign, they fought shy of, to transgress the law, the lord's domination and destroyed the system of impunity and violation. "Even many of us will die and all our properties will get ruined, we will fight for our right, liberty and freedom. We are human not a puppet, this will be our final battle and a struggle to change everything, to change our black world and those people who have a dark heart for the nation, we have been exploited for how many decades and now we'll not let you to do it again, we will fight until the end, until the world becomes free! ". In the end, they became victorious; the lord was cursed by the unknown man and had punished him. " You let your kingdom washed by the blood of your dominants, you let them suffered and felt the bloody destruction of their world, now they inflamed to have changes, as your punishment for being cruel lord you will feel the infinite angry and your body will wash by blood of those people you had killed and you'll feel it forever, again and again. Erythros became the first color of the rainbow which will come after the rain or typhoon which symbolizes man's passion and hope.

RED connote War, Battle, Destruction and chaos. It also symbolizes passion, Hope (Desire) and personified a reformist, insurrectionist and revolutionist.

The End.

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