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When we were fighting, I thought it was our ending.
I let you go.. and you stayed.

Makananu da kang lugdan? Pabren mung bilangan ku ing paralan
Lugdan da ka keng pe ka agyu kung gawan, kaba at alang hanggan.

Mayayakit ing tula, ayayabut ning kakung kaladwa

'The missing part of me'

Eros spears us
With your powerful arrow


Wipe my tears with your love
And let the rain comes to us

'I am forgotten'

The forgotten man
He lives in pain, grief and woe

'Unspoken feelings'

Unspoken feelings
Bastille of anguish's person

You are unique,
you don't followed conformity.
A soldier, warrior, legionary because you have showed reality.
You're a man, a possessors, of nobility unlike other heroes who died for their own sanctity.

Our forbidden Love

Gender Imparity..
Gender Racism..

I met someone
Names are Juan and Marya
Already cheated, but I am still happy
It's being done; it's still quiet

Tunog ng putok ng baril

Madilim na naman
Madilim ang kalangitan
Madilim para sa isang taong nabubuhay sa katahimikan

I'm not the only one who feels this.
Most people also think like this.

Because of sadness.

Nagtitira ka rin ba para sa sarili mo? Gusto mo na rin bang kumawala sa pakiramdam na ganito?
Laging iniintindi ang sasabihin ng iba,
laging sinisisi ang sarili kapag hindi nakatulong,
laging pabor sa iba ang ginagawa,

Ting aldo..
Megising at kindut ke ing sarili ku..
atchu ka siping ku, (at ala ng aliwa)
mikarugan at mengatakutan ku..

Anibersaryo na ng panahon ng delubyo,
Buwan din ito ng kalbaryo,
Kalbaryo saming isipan,
tulad ba dati ang mga daraan sa buwan,

Nakatamung tula potang pagtripan de ing metung a tau ne?
Nakatamung tula potang mangakamwanan ya?
Nakatamung tula potang masisisi ya,
kahit kasalanan tamu?

Hindi na tayo dinadaanan ng antok
Dahil isip ay laging pagod
Hindi na rin tayo napapagod
Dahil hindi tayo makatulog

We often close our eyes when it hurts
We also often bear the pain
We often tell others
Often even crying

We are shaped by problems and difficulties
Patience and Pain, they are our support
Eyes open to hardship and truth
We have become aware of the reality that Pain is the twin of life

I hid all the things you left behind
Memories about you
Concealed and forgotten
Removed from my sight and mind

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J – Jaedee is Joyously Jocular an Jocund Friend had O- Overcome his problem and Trials in life H-Honestly, had sworn to GOD not to become N-Nescience and unaware in the problem of our society D- Devoutly serious in enlightening the reality cause he is E-Evolutionist and reformist for social justice who had L-Leaded the youth to solve the problem of our country who had also L-Lived for others to protect them and fight for them because in this way he E- Enjoying his life because he serves people and God.)

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He Cried To Me Because He Really Love Me: A Dramatic Monologue


When we were fighting, I thought it was our ending.
I let you go.. and you stayed.
We're looking for each other.
And understanding each other.

When my foot doesn't want to walk.
And my mouth doesn't want to talk.
You were there. You listened.
You were there. You had cried.

I can not live if you're not on my side.
I can't feel my day complete without your smile.
Deeply I'm in love with you.
Sincerely I want to be with you forever!

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Your greatest enemy in loving is the words uttered by your love one. - Jaedee Diaz

Your greatest enemy in loving is the words uttered by your love one. - Jaedee Diaz

Understanding might understand when you understood it. - Jaedee Diaz

Your eyes is the reflection of your soul - Jaedee Diaz

Love will make you suffer.

The world never hate us, we hate the world!

Our experiences is unique on its on existence

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John Delle Panlaqui Popularity

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