Earthquake Tears, The Spirit Cried Poem by Paul Mwenelupembe

Earthquake Tears, The Spirit Cried

Kayelekela was born in Karonga district of uranium unison
It is like Sapitwa spirits that live there in hard bones unit
Two main spirits, husband and wife, dwelled in that spectrum
The compound of all spirits in the curved spurs of holy sputum
When the female spirit slept in Kayelekela tunnel bomb
The uranium deadly weapon, the body of queen was booked
The husband's cry materialised underground ridges from the lake
It circled in the air, circled on the land and curled breaths and baked
So mainy lives and facades went to the unbearable homes of clay
But the sovereign king came to candle down the bestiality prey
Up the spirit showed to woman in the garden of green leaves
Foliage of Chinkhundya household expected to be a mouth weaved
And instead the husband took the message to the chief Karonga
And he promised the best stem stake with women ahead of omega
Its purpose was not uphold her breathing for good
Its delegation was to denounce the turmoil to ruler's goggles
So they assembled sorry books of nine cattle to him
Up they squeezed themselves in shush to Chipili's cry beam
It shrugged the offer of far fetched with just a headshake
But with twelve horns, twelve heads and the spirit's tail of shame
It roared again, and circled the wind, circled the land several hours
But some breaths went in the sea on a grandeur scale rumours
As it moved in cracks burying graves from the lake of beds
It accepted the proffer received from the crew specially made
When the chiefs of the district reassembled reassurance tumor
With white chickens and cattle, ahead was awoman
The Chipili's cry accepted the bit with just a node
And those Karongan chiefs went back in the same board
But with those tears we remember our spirit ever the rest
While scientists wrapped us in cold wings of phony facts
We remain in stooped position while our souls are damp
And let their souls and ever more rest in peace of dam

In remembrance to earthquake victims of Karonga district, I have come with this little presence to Malawian peaple and the rest of the world. The poems explores fact findings after the earthquake happened. Though Karonga district is within the Rift valley, it is no much prone to earthquakes. This 2011, was the year when the political powers authorised the extraction of Uranium mineral in the district, thus the source of the unexpected earthquake.

In the poem there are local names like Chipili, which means the spirit, and this had an appearance of an animal that is being talked in the Bible. It had twelve horns, twelve heads (according to the man who saw it): chinkhundya is atype of adible bean leaves.

In this area it is believed that there are spirits and the story is drived at that that one of the parental woman spirit died as aresult of the tunnel bombs, the uranium company uses in extracting the mineral. For that reason the bushand spirit lost its control for it had no home again. Quite a long story, just read the poem several times and infer the meaning of the whole story.
Paul Mwenelupembe

Paul Mwenelupembe

Queens Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi
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