Everything In The Loo! Poem by Paul Mwenelupembe

Everything In The Loo!

These things, these things
settling and settling in the heart
Assemble weapons and pat on the rat
And settling and settling as soldiers unto war
And the heart of owner, the king and the warrior
They come and come as to mall and flip and gallop
Filling such body of organs and mop and swap
Happily and swagger, they creep as to war and grow
Poor soldiers, poor soldiers marching as to war and wrath
And that hand simply and simply gets frail and pale
And the commando laughs and blues to kill and peel
Finished yeah, finished while the owner comes and consoled
Finished yeah, finished fighters applaud on a such commando
While the owner comes and consoled and consoled unto call
The sun then glares and glares, the night unto fall
The words roar and roar and roar from above love
And it comes and says, everything in the loo!
And everything burns, scorched and goes and goes unto coal
Then the heart stands and stands, resuming from dawn
And smeared and smeared now and again with fire flame
The words, cool and squint and die at rays
This is IAM from the rest and rest I exist, such words
Then the words is God for real and distroyer

God almighty is all the time great. No matter how weaked you can be but by the power of the holy ghost you will be anewer being in his own kingdom. God is good, He cleanses his own, God is wonderfull at all cost, if you run to his you sinners you will be forgiven. So this poem was written to expose the love of Jesus Christ, Our only Messiah. The devil finds its way to the clean, mistreat such sheep but God himself comes at risk. Thank you lord! ! !
Paul Mwenelupembe

Paul Mwenelupembe

Queens Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi
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