Paul Mwenelupembe Poems

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Love Comes Softly

Rains are to sow and good times to love
Built on soils rich of grave land
Such a valley long way to go, it comes softly
From that dead land, a place of living

I Was There

The country descended to rages
The people geared in a gallant smile of fingers
While the mountain on top
Was sending radio massages

I Am The Street Kid

I am the street kid
Here in the street is my home
It was just a slosh not by chance
I had a star shade before

A Never Ending Verse

When crippled twice in the breath
When lights shine and overturn the dreadlock
When water slippers by metres' grave
The fashion follow and falls, the singer filters

Everything In The Loo!

These things, these things
settling and settling in the heart
Assemble weapons and pat on the rat
And settling and settling as soldiers unto war

Swallow Pool

History is a guide roller stone
The eastern star that stumbles on mile stones
Those mistakes still lights on the way
The best stare and tool in a corner cabinet

Boabab Tree

That big tree, O' baobab tree
Sweet fruits you carry
Raised up at a distance
That I never reach with

The Desperate Woman

She stands there, dripping saliva
She is sick and going wirry
She reampts slowly like a tortoise
Leading down to the loo

Lake Malawi

Lake, oh fresh lake of rivulets in-land sea
Resonnates screeds as it grabs this lift valley
And sails a sailing sailors of clouds to the warmheart
They are seen meteors, a mirror of marine giants

Tangerine, A Sonorant Coercer

Trees, were trees made first
Such a sonorant coercer amid
Rolling innermost circles, to the tree
Down are the seas with an over look

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