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Rains are to sow and good times to love
Built on soils rich of grave land
Such a valley long way to go, it comes softly
From that dead land, a place of living

The country descended to rages
The people geared in a gallant smile of fingers
While the mountain on top
Was sending radio massages

I am the street kid
Here in the street is my home
It was just a slosh not by chance
I had a star shade before

When crippled twice in the breath
When lights shine and overturn the dreadlock
When water slippers by metres' grave
The fashion follow and falls, the singer filters

These things, these things
settling and settling in the heart
Assemble weapons and pat on the rat
And settling and settling as soldiers unto war

History is a guide roller stone
The eastern star that stumbles on mile stones
Those mistakes still lights on the way
The best stare and tool in a corner cabinet

That big tree, O' baobab tree
Sweet fruits you carry
Raised up at a distance
That I never reach with

She stands there, dripping saliva
She is sick and going wirry
She reampts slowly like a tortoise
Leading down to the loo

Lake, oh fresh lake of rivulets in-land sea
Resonnates screeds as it grabs this lift valley
And sails a sailing sailors of clouds to the warmheart
They are seen meteors, a mirror of marine giants

Trees, were trees made first
Such a sonorant coercer amid
Rolling innermost circles, to the tree
Down are the seas with an over look

Aflower to kiss,
the flower yet to be flowering
So cute but not yet cluttering
in the bowl, the flower is the sent

In the Gideon valley I grew up, crawled with scars
I was drowned ten times when I was a young stratum star
The stream in between I swum when it was winter usual crest
Perfectly the home of baobab trees, songs of baboons' seasons' lake

I wouldn't leave the stars inside if I were you
Such a watchful styles mingling that way

Let eyes blink at Malawian dances

If all days were this day
When a child was born in a city
Born was a child among sun smiles
Of pregnant hope that swells in the new miles

By and low by and low
The city of Blantyre and Rome
When the whistle blow and bound
The noisy killer the noisy waver grind

At this hour of the day
At this lunch hour of love
Under the enclosed earth of happiness
We have this life of romance

Quiet see, I so cool in tis blissful shade
Plates had a two dancing Frocks
Roses grabbing a rubbing on our lips
The cowboy, over the moon and remains within

Kayelekela was born in Karonga district of uranium unison
It is like Sapitwa spirits that live there in hard bones unit
Two main spirits, husband and wife, dwelled in that spectrum
The compound of all spirits in the curved spurs of holy sputum

Beauty is like a butterfly
It flies into the house
And get out of a natural sky
That buzzes from the hassles

When life closes down from heaven
down is the gift of hell
down is the light of hope
Then here comes the king

Paul Mwenelupembe Biography

My name is Paul Mwenelupembe, I come from a very small village called Muyeleka at Ngara in Karonga district. I was born in a family of seven children and am the first born. I have learnt in many schools (both primary and secondary levels) as such I have a Malawi School Certificate of Education which is equivalent to an O' level Certificate, and a Diploma in Land Administration which was obtain at Natural Resources College(University of Agriculture and Natural Resources) , Malawi. I started writing when I was just a little boy, but this art was stimulated after I had written my O' level(Malawi school certificate of Education) at Mvera Army Community day Secondary School. The reason is I started teaching on part time basis at Combat Support Battalion, Mvera. My teachings were not limited by any class, I had to teach all classes starting from Form 1 to Form 4; and standard 1 to standard 8. My favorite subject was Mathematics besides literature. So I came across a certain standard three simple poem. That was the beginning of my full time writing in the year 2004. I also write short stories, in short I am fully vested in Literal work. Further more, I am a member of Malawi Writers Union. Currently I am working as a Land surveyor in the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban development, under the Department of Surveys, based in Lilongwe, capital city. I really enjoy my work besides my art.)

The Best Poem Of Paul Mwenelupembe

Love Comes Softly

Rains are to sow and good times to love
Built on soils rich of grave land
Such a valley long way to go, it comes softly
From that dead land, a place of living
To a loving land limits by the spring

So hard to shoot the routing star
A seed of peace into roots and leaves
Comes slowly in the stream sand
In the rivulets valleys, slops of God
Going deep in loam soiled hand
Down the rivers slowly it comes

The invisible altar is meant for pottery
As God provides the step of ridged love
Falling from the sky of love
So love comes softly

If gentle hearts fall in a pit of love
So easily they fall like red leaves
On God’s plans were made the best
And urge you run for a loved one
On love comes softly

And outer mountain is a carrier
You will stop it and find the stolen heart
And plead it to stay by your feet
And say I should stay
I stay because I love you
In the sunshine love comes softly

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Paul Mwenelupembe Quotes

Love is learnt and comes softly. Be patient if you are a lover

As beautiful as sunrises it settles and call upon a sunset, tomorrow is Pregnant be humble

Gravity of chairing lions is like ending smile Three things, lift your hummer and listen Take your weapon, dash and calm a call You will get the results Cool and currant ice

The beauty of life is in the understanding of human nature, if you love your life tune to its music

Eyes is the big fish of your life

The way wise words flow is the meaning of real lifetime experience

The Mistry of God is in every being of your life, turn your face of God on kneeling mat

If you spot an error be a solution not a destroyer for brain failure requires a recovery measure

A heart of giving is a golden way to heaven but apply a little temperament you will see the humankind behavior. It takes wisdom to be a giver

Dignity comes and goes like fire frame, whenever it is sought double click your mindful desires and observe the limitations. Seek proper ways of restoring it back when it's washed away

Races of human beings are subjected to migration of minds these days. Henceforth remove your wings and face your history, you will tap lessons of your great future endeavors

The more you talk the more you expose yourself to the world. Be careful of your open minded business

Harder and mostly harder is the story of conviction when you want to convince a person who's not in the area of your specialisation but no avail. Take your chance to step down and forget in Forgiveness

Definition of oneself comes as a result of natural surroundings

Adding more words to your stupidity is like coloring your device heart dearly, dance at your words and spin wisely

If you are deeply rooted in your work ethics, inclination to its values intercedes incorrectly with the common sense, you desire to remain royal to your king

Remember, laws are a hand craft that men sit on to govern a specific human behavior, from the same law loopholes are seen, causing commotion in a society. That is the moment common sense brings peace of mind.

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Paul Mwenelupembe Popularity

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