Kiss My Soul Poem by Marieta Maglas

Kiss My Soul

Rating: 4.9

If that morning would be my ideal incredible readiness,
In a forgotten time of the tellurium and most desirable land,
Your certain love would come to utter my vivid happiness-
Kissing closed eyelids, caressing them with your tender hand.

We would wait for the mercy of our dearest Lord Christ Jesus,
Who quintessentially has freed us from our sins by his blood,
Purifying incessantly our souls by our obedience to the truth,
Greeting one another so deeply with the kiss of our love.

I would still be sleepy and I would be like a squatting deer.
The Twilight unequivocal zone would be in its dim lighting resilience 
Always tossing in between these two worlds of virtual and real,
While His love would fulfill fascinatingly our benevolent radiance.

Your soul would penetrate my soul with your embrace.
The intangible feelings would turn into tangible unequivocal shivers. 
The old world changing in the new world of whispers would yield a place
To be enlightened by our divinity that this new love discovered.

Waking up with our ideas as enclosed beneath the souls entwined,
Metamorphosing both of us and melting our inexpressible sorrow,
We would awake for forgiveness while our souls would be absolved.
I would be aware of the depth of your love. I would have hope for tomorrow.

But our Shining Sunbird flies into the horizon. Disappears.
And the sun rises by reflecting a thousand colors in the water,
Invading a world from our Empyrean dreams, to wipe away the tears,
And I understand that if you're no longer alive, it does not matter.

Poem by Marieta Maglas

Saturday, August 8, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: love,soul,god,kiss
Daniel Brick 23 June 2015

Your poem weaves a fabric of both eros and agape, which is truly the best of both possible worlds. And you do it quite effortlessly, with what Italians call SPREZZATURA (I don't speak Italian; I found that term in a book by Roberto Calasso who quoted Castiglione's definition: TRUE ART DOES NOT SEEM TO BE ART.) And indeed your poem has the intimacy of a whispered conversation of a couple who can say to each other KISS MY SOUL and YOUR SOUL WILL PENETRATE TOTALLY MY SOUL WITH YOUR EMBRACE. The trust that binds two people who can speak such tender words is itself a heavenly thing in an earthly context. It raises passion to a spiritual level so that spirituality and sensuality become equal partners. I like the image of OUR SHINING SUNBIRD which parallels the image of OUR GLITTERING SOULS. There is so much radiance throughout the poem that final image of the Sunbird's ascent is an ideal closing picture the reader like me internalizes. This is what love should bring into our lives - what the poet Matthew Arnold called SWEETNESS AND LIGHT. That's what you have given us.

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Ramesh T A 06 November 2015

Love only can kiss the soul by the will of God ever in the world life!

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Kevin Patrick 21 September 2016

As an embittered cynic who looks sometimes with skepticism of the nature of love, reading work like this reignites the fragile wick of my old battered candle in loves eternal light. Waking up with our ideas as enclosed beneath the souls entwined, Metamorphosing both of us, melting our inexpressible sorrow, We would awake for forgiveness, our glittering souls being absolved, I would know how deep is your love, I would have hope for tomorrow It takes committed passion to expose this revealing love.10+ x 10+ for great work.

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Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan 13 October 2016

A wonderfully beautiful poem Marieta Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

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Edward Kofi Louis 11 November 2016

Kiss my soul! ! Nice piece of work.

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Dr. Antony Theodore 22 November 2018

Your soul would penetrate totally my soul with your embrace. The intangible feelings would turn into tangible unequivocal shivers. divinity. divine touch and intervention, kiss, soul.. a very fine poem, very original dear poetess.

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Jayatissa K.Liyanage 28 November 2017

Truly a sensational poem. Wonderfully expressed romance through real happenings. Congrats for being the member's PoD. X

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James Mclain 28 November 2017

I think about you daily.. iip.. James McLain

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Bernard F. Asuncion 28 November 2017

Such an uplifting poem, Marieta... congrats for being chosen...a huge 10+++

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 28 November 2017

Oh! what a soulful writing.......Marieta.......I am really touching your words are......outstanding cong.for being selected P.O.D.........THANKS FOR SHARING....FULL CREDIT

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Marieta Maglas

Marieta Maglas

Radauti, Judet Suceava, Romania
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