Your Words Of Love Poem by Marieta Maglas

Your Words Of Love

Rating: 4.8

I have seemingly missed your words of love,
Those words that were written in the sand
And erased by the first wave.
Do you remember, my love?
I have enclosed them hermetically
With that last kiss.
And, after that,
Another kiss
And another exotic beach
And another feeling, an autumnal feeling,
Of another ostensible seemingly love
Fulfilled my nothingness...
Among corals and shells,
Dried by the winds of the sea,
I awake in following my lost steps,
Taken by the waves
And redirected to the great unknown in the sea,
That great eternal.....
I still love you,
I love you more and miss you more.
Yes, I still miss you
And I realize that all I can do now
Is to lodge near the moan of the sea sand,
Which feels like a silk slipped worn-out dress,
When I touch it.
And slantingly I elect oblivion,
I want to kiss again and again
Your gray-haired temple,
But, in reverting, I receive only
The kiss of our child...

Poem by Marieta Maglas

Your Words Of Love
Ramesh T A 06 January 2015

Indeed kiss is the response for the words of love! But the surprising thing here is kiss of the child at the end!

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Stan Petrovich 23 January 2015

My word! A supreme seaside erotica...I have done them myself but not half as well. You are truly an inspiration. Look, if you can, at my reply to this wonderful poem, titled In the Mists of Sand.

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Simon Yel 15 December 2011

it is actually very interesting and exciting.if love could be like this I hope there could be no divorce between partners in love

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Akhtar Jawad 21 November 2014

An amazing work of art, a poem that touches the emotions and sentiments............10

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Daniel Brick 23 June 2015

This is an intense, heartfelt poem in which you are speaking to a part of yourself, the bereft, still longing part that can't or won't heal the wound of love. Why not? I'm no expert in the Art of Love, just a foot soldier in the Army of Amours, but it seems to me if the wound was healed you would have severed all hope, and your soul cannot face that prospect yet. There are degrees of pain and this pain of unrequited love is still bearable but the pain of lost love is too traumatic to deal with in the time-frame of the poem. I read the many comments on this poem. The last one by Ibrar Siddiqi is especially poignant and must make you proud to have written this poem. It has increased even salvaged the love in his marriage. What an amazing rescue your poem has accomplished in the real world! Who says poetry is unreal, only decorative, impractical? Here is proof that a True Poem can work a natural miracle.

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Bill Cantrell 13 April 2024

All I can say is wow! ! A brilliant work of perfect poetry! ! !

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Sylvia Carter 14 April 2023

This is a beautiful pen, thank you for sharing

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Bill Grace 25 December 2020

A good love poem. Like the phrase 'the moan of the sand' very much.

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Khairul Ahsan 25 December 2020

Love may eventually get lost, but the kisses linger on the lips.

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David Wood 12 December 2020

Beautifully crafted poem of great depth and character. I can even feel your pain through your writings.

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Marieta Maglas

Marieta Maglas

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