Edited: Teachings From A Cave Poem by Denis Martindale

Edited: Teachings From A Cave


In shadows deep, where echoes weave, there lie the teachings of a cave.
In quiet, dark, the heart's reprieve, from life's too-bright, relentless wave.
No sunbeam dares to venture in. No sound from yonder world intrudes.
In stillness where new truths begin, the cave imparts its ancient moods.
Each drip of water, each cold stone, whispers their secrets softly spoken.
In solitude, one's soul's alone finding the bonds it once thought broken.

The darkness tells of light unseen. The silence speaks of hidden lore.
In echoes, hints of what has been, and what the future has in store.
A stillness vast, like an endless night, yet filled with whispers of the wise.
In the blackest depths, a sudden light, unseen by ever-seeking eyes.
The cave, a mother, calm and vast, cradles one's spirit in her womb.
Teaches that the storm won't last, that, after night, the day will bloom.

No need for words in the cavern's hall. For wisdom's quiet, calm, and deep.
In silent watch, the shadows fall, and teach the secrets shadows keep.
Emerging from that sacred place, eyes now tuned to a brightened gleam,
A heart that knows a lightened pace, and a soul that's richer with its dream.
So heed the teachings of the cave, embrace its silence, dark, and still.
For in its shadows, hearts are brave, finding the strength of deeper will.

Denis Martindale's version of the poem by Rommel Lim on Quora.
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Poem edited in answer to this question. Monday, the 10th of June 2024.

Now and then I imitate the ways that actors recite words. For this poem, I used the voice of actor John Hurt who was the voice for the cave dragon in the TV series Merlin.

Sir John Vincent Hurt CBE was an English actor whose career spanned over five decades. Hurt was regarded as one of Britain's finest actors. Director David Lynch described him as 'simply the greatest actor in the world'. He possessed what was described as the 'most distinctive voice in Britain'.

John would have recited this poetry version slowly yet emphasised a few lines for dramatic effect and I can imagine how that would sound if recited in a cave. A rather profound sound indeed.

Monday, June 10, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: moral teachings
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