David Taylor


Christopher Robin was eating his breakfast.
The boiled egg with its top removed was waiting for the arrival of toast soldiers
to soak up the runny yellow bit inside.

Pooh was always interested in anything runny and yellow and was feeling
pangs of remorse that he had already emptied his hunny pot earlier,
when he had fancied a little something.

Pooh stared intently at the egg.

'Christopher Robin' said Pooh 'where do eggs come from? '
'I get them from the farm Pooh, they have lots of hens that lay eggs.'

'Oh' said Pooh 'and where do the hens come from? '
'They hatch out of eggs Pooh' replied Christopher Robin.

'Where did the egg come from to hatch the first hen? ' Asked Pooh.
'I don't know Pooh' replied Christopher Robin.

'Do you think the farmer might know? ' asked Pooh.
'No' said Christopher Robin, 'he just bought the hens from someone else.'

'Then someone else will know.' Said Pooh 'But who is someone else Christopher Robin? '
'Someone else is anyone when you don't know who that anyone really is Pooh' replied Christopher Robin.

'Oh' said Pooh 'so when I know who anyone really is I will know where the first egg came from! '

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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