' Egotism ' Poem by Gordon Whittaker

' Egotism '

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I had a date, but in the rain I let her wait.
She was a ravenous beautiful creature,
deserving of me, for I had caught her eye.
The thought of her waiting especially for me
made my confidence and egotism run high.
I hopped of the bus with a jaunty step
as I hoisted my umbrella in the air.
I felt really good, she was still waiting there.

Hello been waiting long, ? I casually asked of her,
She was wet through to the skin
the rain was pouring off her chin.
No words passed her lips
instead she gave me a long frightening look,
followed by a lightening left hook.
Another sledgehammer blow put me down on the floor,
my senses were running amok.
I was being beaten up by something in a frock.

I was brought to by the words ' what happened to you “
I must have had a blackout was my reply,
As I was helped to my feet, I thanked the guy.
My pride and egotism would not let me tell the truth,
as I walked down the street nursing a very loose tooth.
But now I have seen the light and felt the pain,
I shall never leave another girl waiting in the rain.


An excellent read and Max's comment was too!

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Max Reif 20 October 2005

I have to say, you tell a story well, and the ego in your story is cut from the cloth of the real thing! Clever ending, too. (he hasn't reformed, really, he just doesn't wanna get his head bashed again.)

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Gordon Whittaker

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