' What A Waste ' Poem by Gordon Whittaker

' What A Waste '

Rating: 2.8

She walked towards me down our street
my fluttering heart missed a beat
My throat went dry I felt oh so shy
and my knees began to knock
She was the most beautiful thing
I had ever seen in a frock
I wanted to say “ hello “but nothing came
As though my voice box had gone lame.

I was besotted by her natural beauty
I turned as she walked past,
she was brimming with allure
and she had an hourglass figure
Later I related the story to my friend
of the beauty I had encountered that day
he gave me a strange look and said
“ Don’t you know her? Her name is Kay.”
She is not your type my dear pal
she is an assistant librarian….. and
she is a lesbian as well

Those last words went down like a bomb
And really left me feeling quite numb.
I was devastated, shattered beyond belief
I stayed in for the rest of the week
wallowing in my grief.
I prided myself with my choice
one could see I had taste.
But my god, what a waste, what a waste,
what a waste.


I liked this very much too. I would have titled it What a waist and changed the last line to But my god, what a waist, what a waste, of waist.

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Kelly Allen Vinal 30 August 2005

No waste in this verse. Good work!

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Mary Nagy 30 August 2005

Very funny one Gordon! Made me laugh. Thanks. Sincerely, Mary

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Gordon Whittaker

Gordon Whittaker

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