Gordon Whittaker Poems

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The Bullying Game

I took a snapshot of my little tot
then gently lifted her out of her cot
she was like a feather in my arms,
and oh how I fell for those baby charms.

' The Dominant Woman '

You can count on me to hold my tongue
I will never ever do you wrong.

No-one can ever call me a liar,

' Our Ron '

Ron, you were to me all a brother could be,
your friendship and memory will always be a part of me. The happy days we spent together are gone, forever lost in time,
but the memories will linger, they will always be mine.
When I was young you used to take me to the flicks, on our way home you would buy me fish and chips, and Ron the times you fixed my tie for school

Don'T Take Her For Granted

She will care for you throughout your life.
She cooks, washes and irons your clothes,
and does a thousand other chores.

Bush And Blair

Bush and Blair, oh what a pair
they have brought the world
to the edge of despair.
The battles were decisively won

' What A Waste '

She walked towards me down our street
my fluttering heart missed a beat
My throat went dry I felt oh so shy
and my knees began to knock

' Teachers Pet '

Hey, I kissed the teacher three times on the cheeks,
But damn it, I gotta wait another fifty two weeks.

Yea, I gotta wait so long I swear……………

' Egotism '

I had a date, but in the rain I let her wait.
She was a ravenous beautiful creature,
deserving of me, for I had caught her eye.
The thought of her waiting especially for me

' Mam '


Mother you left us eleven years ago
we were all so saddened to see you go.

The Soldier With A Conscience.

War is a battle one cannot win.
Win or lose you are committing a sin
In war there are no victorious winners.
The participating parties are the sinners

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