' The Dominant Woman ' Poem by Gordon Whittaker

' The Dominant Woman '

Rating: 3.4

You can count on me to hold my tongue
I will never ever do you wrong.

No-one can ever call me a liar,
No-one can say I’ve dragged their name through the mire.

I can never be accused of slander or libel,
I could never ever swear on the bible

You could reveal your innermost secrets to me,
knowing that forever and a day,
your secrets are with me to stay.

But my partner she is very different you see,
she enjoys manipulating me.

She loves the acclaim the adulation,
the correct verbal pronunciation.

I have no life I’m shoved away when not needed.
I am like so many of her other things.

She’s the one who pulls the strings.

What the hell, you may shout
what on earth is this poem about

My partner is a ventriloquist
she has complete control over me.
For I am the dummy that sits on her knee.


Again very good. I was beginning to worry, after the earlier love poem to your wife, that she had become a real battle axe. Well done.

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Ernestine Northover 28 September 2005

Applause! An excellent write. You are a writer after my own heart. Sincerely Ernestine Northover.

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Gordon Whittaker

Gordon Whittaker

Bolton Lancashire England
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