Luke Easter

Rookie - 50 Points (Cleveland, Ohio)

Elections & Lies Are Cousins - Poem by Luke Easter

On the first Tuesday in November we hustle to the polls & vote,
Some candidates have already hoisted their opponents on a rope,
Mucho commercials are so negative & filled with all sorts of crap,
Yet we should elect the one saying I’m so & so, I approve of that?

Berating the opposition party member mostly with innuendo & lies,
Oh, no longer in the state of Kansas, lions, tigers and bears, on my,
Ah more like behind the scenes from the Wizard of Oz make believe,
Republican or Democrat, cops and robbers, dropp the lies and freeze.

A hopeful in 2008 called himself a Christian but couldn’t wait to see,
Sin, sex, lies, adultery and fornication in the new, “Sex & The City, ”
Wow! All for votes was that a slap in the face or a pat on the back?
Pass up an opportunity to get millions of votes thrown in your lap?

Wow! Over one billion $$$ to get a job paying less than ten percent,
Of an ex-superstar in the NBA or NFL who’s been sent to the bench,
All to make decisions, create policy, sign a bill into law and the sort,
And maybe get someone nominated to sit on, “The Supreme Court.”

One thing I never understood, Bill Clinton fled the country and why?
Ended up in Canada to avoid the draft, he’s American but not to die?
Then he gets elected to the highest office in the land not once, twice?
Vehemently lies under oath, think maybe we should just roll the dice?

Corruption and politics go hand in hand like a deli ham and cheese,
On rare occasions a bill is passed on what its citizens actually need,
Or should anyone holding office decide to do right well that’s okay,
Anybody remember John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his brother RFK?

More widespread than an infectious disease in Washington D.C.,
States, counties, cities, townships and villages, the whole country,
Even spouses are fair game, their children, mop & pop, the dozens,
Call it whatever you like but I say, “Elections & Lies Are Cousins.”

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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