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Embryonic Explosive Impact - Poem by ArmourQuill Hunter

Like a “time-bomb” getting ready to 'explode…! '
People- get out of the road! ! !
Ok, “so never say never-, '
Because that's just what people will do!
Even friends don't seem to” see the whole,
Nor, do they, the proper time' to avoid you! ”

Talk-about-the-straw that broke the camels back!
For intense, my beloved cat; 'No kids, no-bliss-no-bleez.'
I couldn't convey enough to- 'stay-out-of-my-way, please.'
Right, never-say-never; for that's just what they'll do.
No one seems to care, when you're hanging-by-a-rope,
Or in the air, and have reached the living-end, too-!

No; not friend, nor prophet-, nor apostle too-.
'Jesus' is the only-one-I-know who'll take-care-of-you.
So, what-do-you-do, when 'hell's-gait' is opened wide-?
Well, for one thing-, don't look for a saint to confide!
I reckon it's not wise to put much confidence in a friend.
Only God has promised- to be with you, until the very end.

This one thing I know; no friend-, nor dog-, nor toad-,
Will ever take the place of the King!
Cause when it comes down to the 'crunch'
He-, alone, 'delivers' and will make your heart sing.
This, I know and this I'll show-, for all humanity-.
Someday I'll be famous, but what is that without the Lord?
There is no relationship that's more important.
Fame and gifting cannot buy 'peace of mind.'
As such, from all my travels, 'indeed I was blind.'

No pain-no-gain, they say- and 'true.'
Yes the pain has humbly brought me to you (Father) .
With tears that stream from a 'true-heart-cry'
From rags-to-riches, I humbly die.
Now I lay-me-down to rest, upon thy cross, You know best.
Who knows this pain; you were pierced clear through!
Oh- for the 'Garden of Gethsemane' to be at it's end.
To rest in your confidence of- 'well done, my friend.'
I love Thee Lord, please help me now.
My entire life- I, somehow, bow.

Your “Metaphysical Trunk, ' The ROSE…

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 20, 2006

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