Gianna Jett

Emeraude's Blood (Risen) - Poem by Gianna Jett

As I woke today I remembered the story
It wasn't that long ago I found myself in the kingdom of glory
The Masters began to come out of the dark and play
A masterpiece was presented unto them all as a royal ballet
They gathered together from the shadows of the night
Waiting beneath the moon with their tempered fangs among fall's twilight
Milky white faces sat in the forest just below the trees
Fireflies were the only light that lit the darkness on that Hallow's Eve
Bloodthirsty dwellers lingered as the audience waited for the sacred ball
Behind the curtains of the stars they came one by one like porcelain dancing dolls
Each ballerina that came was more beautiful than the last
These were chronicles once written from a time within my past
It reminded me of the mysteries that occurred upon Everlast
Once when Emeraude was alive, she built a castle with mud
There were secrets of the living dead that spoke of enchanted blood
Fallen Trees swayed before the moon much like a night as this one
A child was then born from the Spirit World and it was a curse that couldn't be undone
Once the unborn child could see through her mother's eyes
Inside the eyes of Emeraude an Immortal breed began to rise
It all came forth from the Illusions of what Emeraude's soul had seen
The future told the tales of things to come that were to be intertwined but not intervened
Her Masters Fortress became the Haunted Castle that no one could ever forget
An Immortal Empire that was built by Emeraude's bare hands which shadowed her Silhouette
It was a place in which we all had lived our fantasies
There was magic upon its stones, in the walls, and among places unseen
Within our dreams we traveled to the unknown
Of the worlds that only Emeraude created for our souls
Her dying declaration would be revived according to the truth
For Emeraude always knew that the answer was buried in her own roots
Born from her blood this child between the candle light
Only her daughter could resurrect her in seance during the anniversary of that night
For seventeen years the tradition has remained
Since the tragic death of Emeraude each year a ceremony was held in her name
The charmed ones gather together in remembrance around the Grave of Emeraude
Sweet memories of her begin to fill the autumn air until we witnessed Emeraude's Ghost
Music escaped unto the Octobre to tell the legacy that none of you will ever forget
Willows danced in Emeraude's Blood with the ballerina marionettes
It was then that I recalled the day when Emeraude had closed her eyes
We were all murdered there within the temple of the forest by our own demise
As I dreamt today I dreamed about the night much like this that came
When the Masters of the dark waited upon Emeraude's child, Samantha was her name
So we gathered there at midnight like all the times before that night on Halloween
Waiting for the fairest princess, the only heiress of the empire to be seen
Upon the shadows came a powder skinned porcelain dancing ballerina doll as she danced to the Immortal Symphony
Samantha's shadow danced upon the moonlit sky in her white dress, her blood drenched fangs could be seen under the forest of the Fallen Trees
The magic from Emeraude's Blood had finally released us all from this prison
These were the stories at Everlast, where secrets dwell from the magic that has Risen.

Topic(s) of this poem: immortality

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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