Muse Poem by G J Salgado


Rating: 5.0

Isn't it a shame that she'll never know you?
Is it sad that the world will never know what she's been through?
Does it matter how she looks at you?
Would it matter if she doesn't remember you?

Will she dream when she falls asleep under the immortal moon's glow?
Has she always been the one you'll never really know?
As the stars come crashing down where will she go?
Life in her eyes is everything she ever had to hold.
Letting go of what she believed in is something that couldn't be sold.
When you look into her eyes they shine brighter than gold.
Time moves on faster than lightning yet she never gets old.

Her mind is free and her heart is young.
If she sang it was everything that needed to be sung.
Hidden in her smile was a heavy soul that hung.
Hanging onto your last words as the wedding bells finally rung.

It was all just a day dream.
Her nightmares were kept and unseen.
What did it all really mean?
Was she truly your everything?

Lost in a world of maybes and could haves.
Who on earth knows the difference between what might have been or where we'd end up.
What is her name when all she's had was enough.
It's been a long way down but she stood tough.
Through her wild beauty she's remained gorgeously rough.

From rags to riches.
Spells that granted her wishes.
Only the secrets of musing witches.
She steals your heart as it twitches.

Her heart never skipped a beat.
She always stayed on her feet.
On her toes she left you complete.
You found her compelling and her senses you couldn't defeat.

Was it all an excuse?
Was it your soul that she misused?
Will you ever seek the truth?
What is it that finds you so confused?
When all she was to you was your midnight muse...

Saturday, March 5, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: fairytale,love and dreams,magic
Gianna Jett 06 March 2016

Thank you Bernard and Ratnakar! Thank you for reading about one of my charmed fantasy characters; the ever so mysterious muse.

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Bernard Snyder 06 March 2016

Wow! What a great poem Jennie. Sounds much like a fantasy. Great stuff!

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Ratnakar Mandlik 05 March 2016

Fantastic muse and her equally fantastic charms. Thanks for sharing.10 + points.

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