Enclosed In-Depth Of The Heart With Love Poem by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Enclosed In-Depth Of The Heart With Love

Rating: 2.1

Reflected in mind sense of you touch of a kisses
Beneath my heart how I missed you truly
I loved you too very much ash you shown it to me
How I missed you very much truly I do so too

I felt you too shall be a care in between us
Which we said as our last goodbyes the in-depth between our feelings
Which soul of drowning with love in between us a pound our soul
Which capture the love which landscape of our lover soul shall never dies

Feelings like a drugs like a blood that flows beneath our skin
How the heart biting faster as we felt it a pound our chest
As we embrace in the time which filled of loved
This filled of tenderness of sweet surrender of our feelings

How you droving through a night fallen past your old D-flat
Where its capture our memoirist I knew it was you
I felt you like the felt when you embrace me closer
A pound your chest

Whispering love which words I heard a pound my ears how you kissed a pound my lips
With an embrace as you hold me in your arm placing my head a pound your chest
I felt the beating heart which we both felt
Felt of loved you carry me up a pound your arm
A whispering how much I missed you truly as I embrace you with a tinder kissed

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