Forever Is No Longer Poem by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Forever Is No Longer

Rating: 2.1

I never want to fall in love again like the way I love you before
I can’t forget you even though I let you go and walk out
Letting you go is the hardest part I give up on loving you?

You are my past which I have to let go and give up for
Could you ever here me murmur your name one silent cries in my restless soul
17th breeze of December 09 evening realities collide right in front of my eyes
Tearing me apart my heart pound barely in pain until I collapse
Realizing you weren’t there no more I’ll lost you forever

You got someone’ else I walk out of you
Its tearing me apart I give up on you
It’s hard to look at you in the eyes

I treasure all the moments when we were together
The feelings which we surrender which remain
Forever is no longer it’s tearing me apart

veronique buea pre 10 August 2010

thanks a lot for the comment

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Vinod Kumar 25 July 2010

It is also an enjoyement to refer and suffer alone, to simply view the depth of blew clearly again and again, good review 10+

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