Vanessa Kingsley

Rookie (March 16th / Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Engulfed - Poem by Vanessa Kingsley

Engulfed in a dark shroud
Left to find your way through the tunnel
You're never alone, and yet here you stand

Engulfed in a world so unfamiliar
Forced to play a sick and twisted game
The chess game of life

Every move you make is crucial
Every move you make, regardless, leads you closer to death
An intricate dance you are forced to participate in

Alluring and forbidden is the dance of Death
Fight his temptation but you will give in
So then you find yourself forever locked in his embrace

Surrounded by the shadows and darkness
The lies are discovered
Truth is told

Struggle to swim back to your place
Choking back the tears, panic, and fear
Sounds and sights blurring your vision

You can't scream
Why would you anyway?
The cries fall upon deaf ears

Your limbs grow tire and heavy
Why fight?
Nothing in that world is for you

The gentle touch of Death and the excitement of his dance is but a dream away

With him the pain, hurt, lies are gone
Close your eyes
And sink

Slowly the murky waters of life consume you
Dragging you closer to Death's intricate tango once more
Fall into the steps so easily

Then, open your eyes
Engulfed in darkness
Clothes stuck to your body

Stare into the impenetrable darkness
To see your death
You have to see another’s

Witness to the game of chess life is
Witness the energy of Death's dance
Witness the sorrow

Consumed by your own heart
Swaddled in the embrace of your memories
Hold yourself together

Quiet the sobs
Reprimand the tears
Force air into your lungs

To witness death is not a life experience
To feel the embraces of the contents of Pandora's Box is painful
Keeping it locked inside from everyone is excruciating

Let no one know
Let no one see
There are some secrets that should never be exposed

Consumed by exhaustion close your eyes and drift
Even in your dreams the taste of it all lingers
A light fog

Engulfed in the darkness of truth
You're left to find your way through the tunnel
Left to piece your life back together

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Poem Submitted: Monday, June 22, 2009

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