A Hundred Spells Poem by Margaret Alice Second

A Hundred Spells

Rating: 2.9

Turandot, Puccini’s opera, told by stylised illustrations in a book
the heart of an Ice Princess frozen by the Moon Goddess, three
riddles posed to every Prince who wished to be her suitor on pain
of death if he could not get the answers right, beheaded by
imperial gesture of the shimmering beauty

Another Prince intrigued by the Princess, the first riddle: Every
night it soars anew, every day it dies - Hope, he replied; Illusion
said the Princess cold - the second riddle: Dream and the flame
flares anew - It is my blood that burns within with love for you,
answered the Prince - the third riddle: What is ice

that gives you fire - You cast a hundred spells - he sighed, The
answer is Turandot; he won the challenge, but would not marry
her against her will, set her one riddle - Say my name, made
her a gift of it to doom them both if she named him, then she
declared LOVE to be the stranger’s name

Chose to marry the strange Prince who by being brave and
generous won her respect; she despised all others but
feared him, cried her first tears - Conquer you or be
conquered – an enchanting Persian tale from A
Thousand and One Nights

Edward Kofi Louis 26 February 2016

Of the shimmering beauty. Nice piece of work.

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Rajnish Manga 26 February 2016

Beautiful narrative poem based on world famous tales. Thanks.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 27 February 2016

beautifully written of famous stories, thanks for sharing dear Margaret, happy to see you here...as you are great

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Kelly Kurt 26 February 2016

Thank you for sharing this with us and congrats on poem of the day, Margaret Alice

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Soul Watcher 26 February 2016

Nice poem, thanks for sharing with us

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Uzefa Rashida M.a 26 February 2016

A beautiful tale told in the most beautiful words about the beauty of true love.

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Souren Mondal 26 February 2016

Fortunes favours the brave be it in life or love.. A wonderful re-telling of a tale from the Arabian Nights.. Thank you for sharing.

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