Sivvelyn Ohirun

Sin After Sin - Poem by Sivvelyn Ohirun

Help me... Take my hand, please... Dearest...
Free me from this neglected darkness,
Break this cold chain and take me far from my fears,
Hold me...Fade the sadness and dry my eye from tears,
But you never did... Once you never did my dearest...

It's larger...No, it might be smaller; my eye cover in black depth,
The wall of darkness slowly swallowing and taking my breath,
I'm alone... in this blinded unshaded dark, restless in this trap,
Hold to the promise of light of hopes you want to give, waiting me death...
But you never did... Once you never did but bring a warpath...

Far... My eye meets the distance and saw a beautiful light...
Let me once reach it... there a warm feels within the bright,
Release me from this chain that exhausting my soul deadly tight!
My pain seems so Greek to my soul, draining my strength to fight,
But you never did... once you ever did you make my day remains night.

Petrify... You frozen me with your ghoulishly attitude...
See me crying almost like sound of laughter to your ear; showing your rude,
Please… You the apple of my eye; stay my love away from stray but absolute,
Don't turn your back and deny my words! my love is true there no to confute!
But you never did... Once you never did but strangling me cruelty stitching with brute.

The darkness seems answering my pain...
' I'm your mind; giving you someone to talk' Persistent... i heard my voice echoes,
'World beside you shall be your freedom; Hobson choice...' Regain power and vows...
' Has no one told you he's worth to die...? ' Every tales have their own close,
' Remain in calm... no soul will see your little crime...' I got the order to solve.
' Jump your trigger now, is on your finger...' Dearest... I'm leaving your love...

The darkness whispering my own desire... a desire to penetration...
My step completely shut, see me coming counting zero for my dark inception,
Your eye will never show me presenting dead as the dark, hiding my reflection,
Darkness love me more than your falsity...more than your love called deception,
Before my runaway flee, i set you soul slowly free, left your rot in your own incarceration.

Decoying myself to embrace before you very end, caressing your eye for bad bye,
Oh I can feel your jugular my lovely vulgar, squeeze you airless, please one more try...
Your warm back sweating me thrill, sink my hatred knife embed it slow, call me sly...
Show me your blood rolling from your open pulse, magnificent like a tear of my eye...
Now my laughter almost sound like a tear to you... when i cry you never wipe it dry...

Rest in pain my bad boy, the darkness for me now become you cold grave and grim,
Chain your body hopes your soul deadly suffer, restless in my trap let your pain screaming,
Sleep forever, a promise for together is now over, and i live along my sin without dreams...
On your afterlife, hate me, insult me haunting me, I'll be waiting my ruin day and death bring.
perhaps forbidden free... I will always love to hate you... stay still, heart of unchanging.

Creation of my dark side inside your darkness, F.O.C for you, accompany your dead,
Now I'm free from your grip of grudge, I promise my worthless; i won't cry and felt sad
Trembling along the road, leaving my crime without trace for own safe I am really glad
I'm fading with the red sky, gloomy spaces... witness of my dirty secret that i just made...
I've done a sin to kill a sin; One meets the dead, two graves are dug caused my bad.

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  • (5/3/2011 12:01:00 AM)

    Nice poem with plenty of depth. Beautifully conceived. Good vivid imagery.
    Great stuff.
    A perfect...10
    Thanks for sharing.....
    Please read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2
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