Epic Thoughts Poem by Rehab Helmy

Epic Thoughts

Rating: 4.8

Yesterday morning I woke up on hearing a bird singing
a lovely voice coming out of a cheerful bird
the song made me hear a strong voice deep inside asking:
'when 'll you just stop yearning for those days? '
days of passion and longing
when there was a harmony between two happy souls
but what becomes of the cruelty of life?
sometimes it makes a loving heart turns into stone!
suddenly, the song ended
or maybe the bird itself stopped singing,
sharing my own sad feelings!
even the hum of the clock faded away
I continued with my own thoughts
' You have changed!
Hour by hour you change
You didn't even want me around!
Maybe you had your reasons,
but now I 've mine too! '
I can hardly remeber that old smile on my face whenever I see you
or the beating of my heart whenever I hear your voice
I 've been trying so hard to forget those memories,
but my heart failed me!
you told me how much you loved me,
and how our love was meant to be
my fault was when my heart depended on you
you should have told me that your feelings had faded
although I say I hate you now,
I 'll always be missing you
and although I told myself I won't be blinded by love again
I 'm still in love with you and my heart is broken now
I didn't know that love would be so hard on me
and I 'm in so much pain,
more pain than I can bare because my heart is with you
can you feel what I 'm feeling now?
or, just you don't care at all?
you are the reason of my endless sufferings,
after you had always been a reason behind my sweet happiness!
I 've to forget all about you like you did long before
I know it's hard for me,
but I 've no other choice!
then very slowly I became aware of the bird
singing another song
I stood by the window listening to the song
trying not to dull the bird with my own epic thoughts!

Tom Balch 26 August 2008

A very painful piece, well written 10 regards Tom

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