Escape Poem by Joanne Kearsey


I want to run away from all that I know and into the unknown darkness,
Although it's not that unknown, it doesn't terrify me, it saddens me,
I'm just tired of the expectations of everyone else around me,
The decisions don't feel like my own anymore, why can't they all leave me be.

I need my own time and space to rest from the chaos going on inside my mind,
There is too much panic and stress within and in those that I see.
I'm stuck in the mood of not caring any more, it doesn't seem to matter where I land,
There is not sanity in what I feel, and what is yet to come I cannot foresee.

I simply do not care what becomes of me, my pain is becoming immeasurable,
I just want to live inside my own mind and not have to see anything or anyone,
I need to rest and be free of this torment, I can't survive the way I am going,
No one seems to notice or care what it is that has within me begun.

My words are backwards, but they make sense when said aloud,
There is no shame in what I say, it was needed, like I said I don't care,
I am starting again somewhere new, somewhere different,
I am tired and nearly beaten down, but this has not yet led me into despair.

Unfortunately, I have become used to this cycle, but I will wake up tomorrow,
Still tired, kept moving by obligations, that are my own, and enjoyed for the most part,
The management are the problem, not the clients, too many voices above not enough legs to work,
But it's no longer my place to say what people do, as I have made my own mind up to restart.

20/02/2021 - edited on 10/05/2024.

I was in the process of moving jobs. I hadn't had a day off for 2 months and was just fed up with the place I was working at. The joys of a zero-hour contract.
Joanne Kearsey

Joanne Kearsey

Brighton, England
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