Eternal Human Attraction By Beauty! Poem by Ramesh T A

Eternal Human Attraction By Beauty!

Beauty kindles attraction, desire and attachment as part of love
Feeling to one to have fulfilment in union with the one of desire!
Beauty is the cause for the desire of love for many humans ever
Besides kindness, favouritism and fondness kindling love in all!

Natural attraction by beauty causes one fall in the web of desire;
That may be lust or infatuation or fascination or genuine love too!
Desire to have the loved one in union is the urge that starts all
Kinds of affairs between two persons whether it's success or failure!

Human life and in fact, the life of all living beings revolves round
This attraction by beauty that causes love at first sight or first
Lust or whatever it is towards each other designed by Nature and it's
How life sustains in the paradise of our Earth since a long, long time!

Naturally beauty and love are the asset of this Earth that makes all
Get involved in this spell of attraction causing desire to do all things
Good and bad in the name of love or lust which no one escape till the
End of time in the world we all live in the past, present and forever!

Ramesh T A

Ramesh T A

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
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