*eternal Peace Poem by Jane Meyer

*eternal Peace

Rating: 2.7

<font color=darkviolet>You and me
were meant to be
in this love forever
never thinking it would ever stop

But then you turned your back
and you left me
What the hell
was that supposed to mean
I don’t see
where you and me went wrong

Now you see
I’m all alone
and left confused
my heart is broken
never to be glued
and all of this was caused because of you

A hole is ripped through my chest
every time I hear
any mention of your name
and now it’s clear
I’m not ever
getting over this

I cry
I scream
I feel nothing
I don’t know what’s happening
but I know
it won’t ever go away

You loved me
and I loved you
I always know
that much is still true
But that doesn’t
tell me why you left

Now you’re gone
never to come back
The realization
hits me like a smack
And I can tell
hoping is futile

This is it. I’m done.
I’m giving up
There’s too much pain
I’ve finally had enough
Without you
my life just isn’t worth it

I’d say goodbye
if there were someone left to tell
but they all left
when they learned I wasn’t well
stuck in
my own depressing world

But today is the day
I take my leave
No longer your absence
will I grieve
I’m heading
for eternal peace

(I didn’t write this from my perspective. I wrote it from Bella’s perspective after Edward leaves her in Stephanie Meyer’s <u>New Moon</u>. I know Bella never wanted to kill herself, but everyone gets a little dramatic in poetry…right?)

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