*as Women Poem by Jane Meyer

*as Women

Rating: 2.3

<font color=darkviolet>As women,
why are we never satisfied?
If our hair is brown,
we want blonde.
If it’s wavy,
we want straight.
If it’s short,
we want long.
If our eyes are green,
we want blue.
If we are tall,
we want to be shorter.
And no matter what size we are,
we <i>always</i> want to be thinner.

I’ve thought about all this,
and’ve even thought I’ve truly <i>needed</i> some.
But not that long ago,
I looked in the mirror,
and I <i>liked</i> what I saw.
Sure my hair could’ve been straighter,
and my waist could’ve been thinner.
But for the first time in my life,
I was <i>happy</i> with my body,
just the way it was.

Nalathai Vongjalorn 12 October 2009

Love the part where you said if we have green eye we want blue it totally how i feel lol

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Claude H Oliver Ii 04 September 2009

This is an eternal question - yet you seem to have addressed it rather well. When you like yourself, you will find it easier to accept others.

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Nikunj Sharma 09 July 2009

Hey, its a nice sweet poem.u have simplicity with depth...gud one...read my poems called smiles and bookmark

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