Eternal Pleasure Poem by Aashish Ameya

Eternal Pleasure

Rating: 4.8

Sweet sound of sparrow
Awakened my mornings
Fragrance of fresh flowers
Mingles with your breath
And travels in to my soul
To many unknown destinations;
Like a naked, pure, divine dew drop
You are lying beside me
Unearthly beauty of yours
Is so sacred; that my fingers doesn’t have
Courage to touch you,
In the flood of love,
Thousands of stars, two bodies and one united soul
Lost their identity.

Subodh Khanolkar 20 November 2018

Dear Aashish, I do not know if you are still active on poemhunter, however, I haven't been able to find your email address hence sending a message here. This particular poem has been plagiarized in a particular book that I came across. The person who claims to have authored these lines in that particular book has also plagiarized 12 of my poems. I am initiating legal action against this said person and would like to know your thoughts.

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Nice flow of pictures e.g.'Thousands of stars, two bodies and one united soul'. But why 'Lost their identity' and not 'having same identity'? Take better care on wording I give it a 9+. Thanks for sharing. You have a talent.Go ahead, dear poet Aashish. Joseph Josephides - Member of the International Society of Poets (ISP) Intern.Library of Poetry awarded

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Souren Mondal 19 January 2016


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Raja Basu 26 September 2008

Wow. What a beautiful portrayal of emotion and affection. Ashish, I repeat what I said before. You are a natural poet.

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