Evergreen State

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'No, little Johnny, raindrops are really just
the tears of sweet angels, who cry. Cry
because of sins that people commit,
and that is why, my smart and curious boy,
we get rain so often in Washington State'.

'Oh, so we have a lot of sinners here, then
and that is why it is called the Evergreen State? '
'Well, yes. I have lived here all my life,
all my friends live here and, as to being sinners,
I think it is more because of the tears, salty they are,
they bring down moisture and salt, my boy,
that, in the end, creates the salt of the earth,
and your grandpa is part of that. No sinner.
So, when the angels cry, you can watch the grass grow.'

'But grandpa, that means the more I sin the greener
and faster the grass grows, that feeds our cows,
makes more milk, steaks for the BBQ and, of course,
more salt of the earth. Right, old man, or not? '

'Smart boy you are, if I do say so myself. Smart.
So, how are you doing in school, behaving yourself? '

'Salt of the earth, grandpa, salt of the earth.'

Michael Shepherd 03 February 2005

I've heard it said in Washington that why the angels cry is 'cuz they're friends of Georgie who never told a lie

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Herbert Nehrlich1 03 February 2005

This conversation could have taken place on a farm in the lush green area of Everson/Sumas/Lynden Washington. Just a stone's throw from the Canadian border. Loretta Lynn grew up there (she was no coalminer's daughter) and, in fact was named after the town of Lynden (98264) . The salt of the earth can be found there, decency and more are valued by the locals. And yet, the angels cry often over the Evergreen State. H

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