Excuses Poem by Herbert Nehrlich


Rating: 2.7

I caught your eye that day,
it made a hostage
out of my voyage of discovery,
which I had, long ago, embarked upon.

A wind of change was born that day,
of honeysweet persuasion, which
at first, while softly crying,
created melodies so sweet
and melted by its presence
all defiance.

Thus I became the Jumping Jack that day:
No job too small, no chance be missed.
I brought to you a sea of flowers,
and chocolates and oatmeal cookies.

I played my Banyo at your window
and laid out my eternal love
(framed by red roses) at your door.
And there you were, Angelic Smile.

You wrapped my life in golden promises,
and miles of velvet ribbons, purple bows.
I slayed the dragons as they flew from their horizons,
it was enough to see the royal wave from you.

'Twas satisfaction well, I thought so at the time.
And then, one night, I slipped and fell asleep.
Upon awakening there was the sound of music
and also fragments of much shiny golden wrappings.

I smelled new dragonblood and saw you had invited
another Jester to your side for entertainment.
And now the clouds had puffed themselves
in righteous indignation.

A voice was heard that changed things on that day.
The rains then came and washed off all the webs
of rank deception into gutters plugged with ribbons.
Where all alone I stood, just reminiscing, silent,
for many hours to the morning of that day.

I had no questions or complaints to utter loudly.
I gave you freely all I could, and so much more.
While you -by way of love- gave me excuses.

Theodora Onken 27 January 2005

It is soooo good I am reading it again. Sandra is absolutely correct, you are a very gifted poet, near genius...this one is eloquent! One of my favorites.....needs publishing somewhere, where all the world to behold, Herbert. Warmly, Theodora Onken

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Theodora Onken 26 January 2005

Herbert, your poem is mesmerrizing, had I ever received anything so lovely as a young and free woman, it would have melted my heart, and you would have captured my soul. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with, it is a sheer and moving, romantic experience....ah, like a knight in shining armour, you are! ! ! ! Warmly, Theodora onken

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Herbert Nehrlich1 25 January 2005

Thank you both for your comments. The low rating was given by three people who identified themselves (unwittingly) and it appears that they were able to deal with their inner turmoil that way.Banyo - I must have been thinking of my favourite tree, the Bunya Pine and, incidentally, a frantic search in all available dictionaries failed to find one that confirmed my spelling. Touché. BANJO it is. H

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Cliff Morman 25 January 2005

This keep me going it was'nt too long I enjoyed it but is banyo supposed to be banjo? ? Our words differ sometimesThe meaning is very clear good write

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