Every Father Dies With Pain Poem by Prabir Gayen

Every Father Dies With Pain

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Every Father Dies with Pain

Every father dies Unhappy,
Every Flower dies into infinity,
Every son dreams his own dream,
Every wife is looking for happiness,
Every husband is pursuing his ego,
Every saint is fighting his own mind,
Every disciple is sleepy and sensuous,
Saints and sinners are running
towards false world of wish and desire,
Life is never a life with its nakedness.

Everybody is somnolent and unaware,
Nobody is alert and deeply conscious,
False is sweeter than the truth,
With trembling legs we walk the way,
We feel the way of life full of misery,
Life is a chain of unaware unhappiness,
Our entire life is a dream of disaster.

No light of awareness kindles
the evening the day and the night,
We sow the seeds of poison around us,
No flame of wisdom dawn on us,
We are like the waves save from the ocean,
Our life is simply a monotonous song of Pain and Annoyance,
Our true nature is lost in the darkness.

We live in the flow of words
having no mindful expression,
Our knowledge is our nuisance,
It creates domestic walls and hatred,
We bow down to our own ignorance,
We never try to know our true ignorance.

We are chained with beautiful scriptures,
We try to hide our ignorance with sweet words and musical rhyme,
The bare face and true ignorance make us fearful and we jump from one boat to another,
Our desire becomes solid experience,
We follow the mind and create our own world of pain and pleasure,
We are our own creative fallacy.

Fathers weave their dreams
With their offsprings,
They forget their inward being,
Children have their own dreams to fulfill,
Two boats sailing to different directions,
Never to meet in any destination,
Every father is a shadow being,
Chasing endless dreams,
All the children belong to different
Time and Space and their fathers have been
Their doors to bloom in existence.

Every father dies with pain in heart,
Enormous desire they build
around their Posterity,
They beat their soul for striving
to gain the most impossible feat,
Father is a very sensitive soul,
Every inch of his heart is replete with Love,
Overflowing love for his beloved offsprings,
A father becomes a being without being,
A shadow of his long cherished memories.

Fathers live in their progeny,
Every beat of their hearts beat with Love,
To be a fathe is to become a real hero,
A father is a demigod with light and darkness,
With Love a father weaves dreams
around their children,
No father can become happy,
With heaven fathers herald hell also,
Every father dies with pain in heart,
With excessive desire fathers die
with clarity of tender affection.

Every father dies with pain in heart,
He lives in his sons and daughters,
Light of Love enlightens his being
Life and death become one for him,
With compassionate Love he dreams,
With deep receptivity he becomes heaven,
Without desire of uneven thoughts
A father ascends to the throne of divinity,
A father is a step to heaven for children.

A father is a saint, a sage
With gratitude he becomes heaven
Even heaven is lower than a father,
He himself becomes a religion
Of the highest order,
Devotion to a father is the bright
way for a child towards divinity,
A father is the way towards truth,
Divine source is alive in a fatherly soul.

Yet It is right to say or to declare
that every father dies with pain in heart,
With the light of Love dark cloud of
magnetic fascination dawns,
With the bright Sunlight full moon night comes with its illusive coolness,
Fathers weave a garland of dreams
and desire to get them fulfilled in their offspring and offsprings make their own dreams,
Dreams are false and two false dreams never meet,
With grudge in heart every father dies
with unfulfilled dreams and with pain in heart.

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1: 01 AM. Wed, May 11/ 2021.

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