Every Leak In Our Being... - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

how i wish i could escape,
and you tell me,

you may if you want to
she is never a door
to you,

you are a window without
a lock
a glass that looks out
to a scenery of
green and misty mountains
on a perfect
sunny day
of this stable house
this unshaken

how i wish i could be out of this cage,
and you tell me,

it is the cage of your making
your mind is inventing every bar

you close
something that is beaming with
the openness of freedom

you have painted all the furniture
with the colors of the forest
the cabinets with the color of the sea
the living room has become a flowing river
and the dining table
a frozen sun
the chairs have become shells
singing emptiness
to the amber sky
the roof whispers for the stories
about stars

she says, what more do you wish?
shall you destroy this placement
of our universe
some more?
what more would you ask?
do you ask the
impossible? you are blowing the
sirens of the

cool it.stay calm, do not rush
the hours
they are sleepy

you wish to leave?

please do, but before that
please try wearing my shoes
and tell me
if this place is not worth keeping
if there are no explanations
still that can
fill every hole in your mind
every leak
of our being
every wasted hour that lies helpless
on the face of the clock....

be the salt of my earth

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 18, 2012

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