Every Single You Is Still You Poem by David Knox

Every Single You Is Still You

I wonder who I am
And who are you too?
But I realize that question depends on another variable
Identity is more transient, mutable, and variable
What is age if it does not bring experience and growth?
We shift, we evolve, we grow, and yet we stay the same
How can we do both?
I believe we do both each moment to moment, do not think me insane
Every moment is the new present
The upward forward motion or time is beautiful, come watch the ascent

So what is my point, what is my message to you?

You are not who you were, you are not who you will be
Rather you are who you are even when that is hard to see
Allow me to expound
Until the truth is found

Three year ago I had different hopes and dreams
I saw my life through different lenses through different screens
I had different fears and I would argue I was different
I was a man alike to who I am now; allow me to use a referent
Let's call the me from three years ago Repressed.
Repressed is not who I am, Repressed was lost and depressed
We all deal with sorrow but Repressed was afraid who he was
I do not fear who I am, nor who I was, this is because
I recognize the distinction, although me in my past is me
I was who I was back then, the whole is greater than the sum
The whole is what I will be
The whole is not numb
The whole is greater and more than all my mistakes and decisions.

So now we come to the point, the reason why I write.
I want you to know that all of the you's in your past
Each with an individual name, trait, and fright
They exist in your past and back then they were you, but at last
I want you to know that you can be free to be yourself
Who you are now is who you are people change and grow
Even their bodies mold into the fullness of who they are and show
This person this full identity, with a past, present, and future.
So strive for that and live for that, live for who you are.

David Knox

David Knox

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