Janna O Janna Poem by David Knox

Janna O Janna

Rating: 5.0

I wrote this poem for you
Because you are really cool and beautiful too
I have never seen anyone play like you play
You literally left me speechless today

Like a Howling Gale you swept me off my feet
I followed your Zephyr all the way to the win
With the Eye of the Storm we ensured our enemies defeat
With a tailwind we chased them until it was 27 min
You are the only Janna who used Monsoon to heal me
I can't thank you enough, don't you see

It's love at first sight for sure
Captivated by your overwhelming allure
Some might say it's just game
But I'm not in love with a game
Or because of a game
I'm simply blown away
I don't know what to say
I might not know everything about you
But everything I know about you is everything I love about you too

Our moments together are unforgettable
Watching you teleport to take on Corki alone
I didn't think you could win, but I would've never known
That ignite was so op, like something from a fairy tale or fable
At first it felt wrong to love so fast but if this is wrong
I don't want to be right again as long
As it's with you.

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: games
One League game changed my life they surrendered at 27 min to the OP TELE IGNITE JANNA
David Knox 04 April 2016

Hey sorry about the word that is misspelled it won't let me edit it from my phone and I will fix it when I can get to a computer ASAP. I appreciate you catching that.

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Joslaw Coleslaw 05 April 2016

Np :)

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Joslaw Coleslaw 04 April 2016

You misspelled overwhelming - overwhelminmg

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David Knox

David Knox

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